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12 Mommy Makers We Love
Posted June 13, 2017
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Hey Kessy pays tribute to artsy moms who’ve helped shape the arts and crafts movement in the Philippines!

Ana Gutch is a hands-on mother, full-time head of The Little Farm House Holistic Education and Development Center, as well as the maker of Body Food All-Natural—a line of organic products for bath and body.

Thanks Jacob ☺

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・・・ I love all my classes. But my most favorite is Scent Play, and I loved it more when I moved on to teaching the whole day more intensive class. I grew up with allergies to scent. I would be nauseous and begin sneezing, usually it would progress to fever. The only way to relieve it was to take a mango leaf , a guava leaf,a eucalyptus leaf ( radiata not cinerea ) crush with my fingers and would chase after that camphoric smell that would make it all better. I did not know about essential oils until i extracted my first drop of Jasmine sambac with a distillation setup when I was sixteen. Apparently my nose welcomes eo's. Playing on Wednesday with a group of 11 people. Everyone gets a set of Top notes, Heart notes and Base notes. A disclaimer though. There is aromatherapy and there is natural perfumery and the disciplines behind these are similar but different too. I have geeked on these and continue to geek on them. Discovery and Learning never stops. Just know that there are some ways I do that do not belong to either practice but that i do with caution and with everything into consideration -because I play a different way. Let's play on Wednesday! See you students. #bodyfoodallnaturalmakersacademy

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Ge Mapa is a washi tape artist extraordinaire and a mother of two. You can commission her to make lifelike portraits made out of your favorite Hey Kessy washi tape rolls via Washi Machine. You can also read our interview with her here.

She may not be born and raised in the Philippines, but sewing enthusiast Amber Folkman of A Momma Abroad has helped cultivate love for locally made products through her insightful blog posts. Read our interview with her here. If you’d like to attend a sewing workshop by Amber at Hey Kessy, email to inquire or to save a slot!

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit juggles her time making intricate calligraphy designs and bonding with her daughters.

Three selfies with this three-year old girl ❤🤳. #giannadolores #lovelaluz #batangas #philippines #summer #vacation

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One-third of the adorable Googly Gooeys family, Tippy Pelayo-Go is an artist known for creating cute comic strips and vibrant artworks. You can sign up for a Googly Gooeys workshop here.

When all you want is a pic but your family has other plans. 😂😂😂 Happy first birthday hyper mister! #HälloRiley

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Making friends with paper.🖌 Also, hope to see you guys this weekend: May 4 – @rustansfresh Central Square BGC (Full) May 5 – Free Floral Workshop with Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils @_fullybooked BGC, 5:30-7:30pm May 6 – Free workshop @bellevuemanila Alabang, 10-12nn with @fabercastellphils (Full) May 6 – Watercolor with @smstationeryph, 4:30-5:30pm (with a Php 300 minimum purchase of Faber-Castell products) May 7 – Watercolor Doodles, @_fullybooked Greenbelt 5, 1-5pm (Full) 〰 We will also be in CDO & Iloilo! 😊 〰 May 21 – @rustansfresh CDO (Open to Rustan's Fresh Card Members, Php 299 / pair) Sign up at the branch May 27 – Letters & Colors Iloilo with @abbeysy. Sign up at 😊✈️✈️✈️ 〰 Dancer References: @omarzrobles

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A raw food chef, Daniw Arrazola is a co-founder of the Bahay Kalipay in Puerto Princesa—a healing center where personal transformation takes place with the help of meditating, gardening, and eating raw food.

El Nido

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Tattoo artist, illustrator, and creator of Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest—there’s more to Wiji Lacsamana than just being a mom. See more of her work here!

Sending you good vibes from where I stand ✨✨✨ #m2premiumseries #mazdaph

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Hibiscus flowers for Steffi, tiny leaves for Michael. #tattoos

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Visual artist Bru Sim Nada of Electrolychee and Sunday Nudes inspires fellow Pinays to get into drawing and painting. With her husband, Bru hosts painting sessions at their studio, has a project called Biyaheng Langit (to promote local art and culture), organizes talks, and partakes in various projects to push the local art scene such as Manila Art Hop.

Woke up like this #dailyduyan

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Japan Surplus initiation complete #dailyduyan

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A mother of three, Audrey Dimarucot describes herself as the “mommy-in-charge” for a quirky clothing brand for kids called googoo&gaga.

Cebu artist Karla Quimsing makes beautiful handcrafted dream catchers inspired by poetry.

11 and 12
Tessie Baldo and Siegrid Bangyay work together to oversee Sagada Pottery, a pottery house found on top of a mountain. There, you can see live demonstrations and learn how to make your own clay creations at affordable rates.

Which mommy makers inspire you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Featured images are taken from the respective makers’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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