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All-Natural Play Clay for Kids
Posted May 20, 2017
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Worried about the items that your children use while they play? With this super easy DIY project, you can use simple ingredients to make non-toxic clay with your kids. Invite their friends as well as their parents over and make this project a fun bonding experience for everyone!

What You Need
Hey Kessy Blog

What to Do
1. Mix the cornstarch and coconut oil together.
Hey Kessy Blog
2. Knead the mixture. Add more coconut oil if cornstarch doesn’t hold together.
3. Add the food coloring of your choice. Create as many colors as you want!
Hey Kessy Blog
4. Use cookie cutters to make different shapes. You can also create new things using your hands.
Hey Kessy Blog
Hey Kessy Blog
5. Store the homemade clay in clean containers by color.
6. Label the containers using Hey Kessy washi tapes and stickers!
Hey Kessy Blog

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