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6 Handmade Gifts for Mom
Posted May 6, 2017
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Customize something extra special for the woman in your life in time for Mother’s Day! We’ve got six amazing suggestions for you to consider.

If your mom’s into jewelry, surprise her with a one-of-a-kind piece from Dandy Ona! Design a monogram necklace or a ring, or better yet, ask Dandy Ona to design one based on her personality.

For always. 🌿 Design your own ring with us by e-mailing #DandyOna #ForSpecialDays

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If your mom is into health and wellness, help her stay relaxed with a Kimochi Aroma Pillows. Just pop it in the freezer or heat it for a minute and apply it over your desired body part.

If your mom is into discovering new scents, give her any of these captivating, all-natural perfumes from Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest.

Current favorite! So in love with this one, will share with you soon! ✨✨✨ #naturalperfumes

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Our classic collection returning with a new look soon ✨✨✨

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If your mom loves leather, get her a wallet or a bag from Rubber Tree Design Studio! These carefully designed and hand stitched items run the gamut from sensible to bright shades.

If your mom is into pop art and crafty stuff, commission artist Ge Mapa to make a unique portrait of her using washi tape!

If your mom never leaves home without her trusty laptop or gadget, get her a handmade, padded sleeve from Woven Handicrafts—all hand crafted by banig weavers from Samar.

Tools of the trade 💻 ☕️ 👓 🖊

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Aside from Dandy Ona, Kimochi Aroma Pillows, Rubber Tree Design Studio, and Woven Handicrafts, you can find more gift options for Mother’s Day in the After Nine Keeper at Hey Kessy, UP Town Center!

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