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Mom-Approved DIY Projects
Posted May 2, 2017
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Expect things to get busy as you celebrate with your family, have a catch-up date with your friends, and the like. But what if you’d like to celebrate this day in a different but equally special way? How about having some quiet time and demanding a few hours of “me time”? Remember, some downtime is good for your soul!

And while you’re quietly reflecting on your achievements and goals as a mother, why not take some time to make something with your hands? Crafting is known to increase happiness levels, help focus attention, develop fine motor skills, and more. Get inspiration from these fun crafty creations.

Use nature to create a unique sun print project, and then post your work of art on your home or office wall! You can also transform plain-colored cloths such as your bag, scarf, dress, or pillow cover into a one-of-a-kind sun print design. (You can get these sun printing sheets and fabric solution at Hey Kessy!)

Add oomph to your plain collared top by embroidering your favorite plants on them. You can also embroider your favorite short quotes or illustrations of your children!

Decided this shirt needed some embroidered house plants on the collar, so I stitched this. #philodendron4ever

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Use washi tape to make homemade cards for an upcoming birthday or to revamp a blank wall in your workspace! Washi tapes are easy to stick on and don’t leave an icky residue. Plus, you can easily remove and reposition the tape if you make a mistake. (You can get all types of washi tape sizes and colors at Hey Kessy!)

Come up with organic coconut and rose lip butter that you can store in handy vials. Surprise your mommy friends with extra lip balm pots at your next playdate.

A washi frame, paintbrush, and chalkboard paint are all you need to make a DIY chalkboard. Once it’s dry, write down your personal goals on that chalkboard so you can be constantly reminded of them. Don’t be afraid to tweak your ideas as you go along. (You can grab some chalkboard paint at Hey Kessy!)

Paint a bunch of flat stones, assemble them in a pot, and you’ve got a cactus paradise! These painted stones can be used as individual paperweights or as a centerpiece for your next party or lunch with friends.

Taşları boyayıp kaktüs görünümü verebilirsiniz 🌵 #kidscrafts #kidscraftstr #diy #sendeyap

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Coffee, tea, or soap? You can make DIY soap out of your favorite tea leaves and essential oils! Plus, they smell so good that they double as bathroom air fresheners. (Get soap bases at Hey Kessy!)

Organize your table clutter with big paper bags featuring your calligraphy style and pattern designs. These recycled paper bags can also hold your pet plants, too!

Create a wall filled with flower art using paper, pens, washi tape, and fake blooms. (Buy permanent pens and washi tapes at Hey Kessy!)

Make your own stamps for any and every occasion!

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