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10 Pottery Pieces You’ll Fall in Love With
Posted March 21, 2017
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Thinking about getting into pottery making? Just looking at these creative works (all discovered on Instagram) will make you sign up for a class immediately!

1 Add some Filipino flair by including popular riddles on your jewelry dishes.

2 We’re loving the soft colors and sublime shapes of these pieces.

3 The details on these bowls are just amazing!

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4 Mugs inspired by rainbow-colored sunsets will make anyone’s day.

5 What kind of drinks would you put in these fine cups? Sake, espresso, tea… it’s your call!

6 Could you come up with a plate design as ornate as this?

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7 This bowl’s pretty design makes us think of a mermaid’s tail.

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8 We’re in awe of these black-and-white vases with geometric patterns!

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9 Be one with nature by sipping from a coffee cup with a leaf pattern on it!

10 Pottery pieces can also have kooky personalities. Just check out these two fine examples!

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