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What Would Boys Do for Valentine’s Day
Posted February 3, 2017
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Hey, boys!

Yup, we’re talking to you! Do you already have gifts in mind for the 14th? If not, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. We’re sure you all have received handmade gifts from the important women in you life, and now it’s your turn to go the extra mile and show them how much you love and appreciate them with handmade gifts!

Wait, before you back out and say that crafting is just too hard for you, we invited 6 gentlemen – Harry, Gomer, Carlo, Robins, Mawsy, and Seb –  to the shop and let them try out some simple craft projects that they can give for Valentine’s!

Letter Herb Planter for Your Mom

We’re sure your mom will love this one! Imagine her 3D initials turned into something she could use at home. Here’s Carlo to show us how to make a letter herb planter.


Things You Need

Hey Kessy Washi Tape
3D Monogram Letter
Xacto Knife
Mod Podge

Untitled design


  1. Cut open the 3D letter using an Xacto knife.
  2. Get your mom’s favorite Hey Kessy washi tape design, and use it to add color to the 3D letter.
  3. Apply several coats of Mod Podge on the outside and inside walls of the letter. This will make it more durable.
  4. Put soil inside, and carefully plant the herbs.
  5. Don’t forget to water it before giving it to your mom!



Paper Quilled Heart Letter for Your Sister

Oh come on, we know you really love her even if you tease her all year round! Gomer shows us how to turn a simple VDay card into something your sister will definitely love – she might even treat you out on the 14th! 🙂



Things You Need

Colored Paper
Card Stock
Slotted Tool

Untitled design


  1. Use scissors to cut the colored paper into thin strips.
  2. Coil the strips using a slotted tool.
  3. Put glue on the tip of the strip so it won’t uncoil.
  4. Draw a heart shape on the card stock, and apply glue on the surface inside the heart shape.
  5. Stick the quilled paper strips onto the card stock.


Paper Flowers for Your Girlfriend

Flowers come first on every VDay gift list, right? So why not give flowers that your girlfriend can keep forever! Let’s see how our kiddie intern Seb helped Robins make a paper flower bouquet in only six easy steps.



Things You Need

Hey Kessy washi tape
Crepe Paper
Paper Straws
Jute String
Gift Tag

Untitled design


  1. Cut the unfolded crepe paper into smaller pieces, about 3 and 4 inches in height.
  2. Unfold a piece, and fold it into itself repeatedly while keeping a firm grip on the bottom part.
  3. Seal the flower at the bottom using a small piece of wire.
  4. Attach the paper straw onto the paper flower using Hey Kessy washi tape.
  5. Make more paper flowers, and, using some jute string, put them together for a bouquet.
  6. Use a marker to write your message on the gift tag.


Paper Heart Kisses for Your Teacher

Don’t wait for the next Teacher’s Day to show how thoughtful and appreciative you are to your mentors! Learn how Harry and another Hey Kessy kiddie intern, Mawsy, make VDay chocolates extra special using simple craft materials.


Things You Need

Hey Kessy Washi Tape 
Card Stock

Untitled design


  1. Draw a little heart shape on a card stock.
  2. Ask your kuya to help you cut the shape.
  3. Color it with Hey Kessy washi tape or write your message on it.
  4. Use a small strip of Hey Kessy washi tape to attach a toothpick on the back.
  5. Stick it in the chocolate.


And that’s it! Easy to do, and yet your gifts look special! We’re so excited what you’ll be making for Valentine’s, so don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

Thanks to Harry, Gomer, Carlo, Robins, Mawsy, and Seb for accepting our challenge. So sweet of them for spending a whole morning with us to make these special gifts. ♡

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