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#HeyKessyDIYin5: Glow in the Dark Chalk
Posted December 20, 2016
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Want to decorate your floors or walls with something that would light up in the dark? This is something your kids and their playmates would enjoy, especially if they love playing outdoors!

What You Need:
Hey Kessy Glow in the Dark Powder (Available at our shop!)
Plaster of Paris
Mixing cup
Silicone baking tray
Food coloring

What to Do:
1. Mix the Hey Kessy Glow in the Dark Powder and the Plaster of Paris.

2. Add water to the mixture.

3. Mix the ingredients with a stirrer.

4. Fill the silicone baking tray with the mixture and add the food coloring of your choice.

5. Wait for the pieces to dry. Once dry, pop out of the baking tray slots and they’re ready for use!


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