From Hey Kessy to Kess Sea
Posted December 8, 2016
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Last October, Mansy Abesamis headed to the tropical island of Siargao to teach some craft workshops and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Relive her journey through these amazing snapshots!

Since soaking up the sun is a must at Siargao, Mansy decided to teach sun printing as a craft project. While she was there, there was an international surfing competition, so when the waves were flat, people looked for something else to do… Can you guess what it is?

Mansy held her classes at the Felice shop (which also carries Hey Kessy craft items—check it out when you’re visiting Siargao!) and taught to both adults and kids.

She was delighted to discover that there is a growing community of makers and crafters in Siargao. It was surprising to note that some families just moved to Siargao because they fell in love with it during their visit.

The participating kids made lots of sun prints! They weren’t conscious about how their postcard creations would turn out and just enjoyed the process. While waiting for the prints to be processed under the heat of the sun, they gleefully played and ate snacks.

On the other hand, the adults who signed up for the class carefully created sun prints on canvas tote bags.

Mansy even inspired one student to create her own stencil pattern and design her own beach top!

Aside from hosting workshops, Mansy kept herself busy by exploring the island, creating papercut patterns on leaves, and designing stencils!

With all the fun experiences she had, it’s no surprise Mansy loved Siargao so much that she made a pendant out of its shape! (Order it here.)

Interested in collaborating with Mansy, carrying items from the Hey Kessy shop, or hosting a private craft workshop? Shoot us an email at and we can come up with something entirely unique!


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