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#HeyKessyDIYin5: Washi Tape Christmas Decors
Posted December 6, 2016
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Have you started decorating your house with Christmas trimmings? Here’s a festive project you can make with your friends and loved ones—unique ornaments made out of washi tape!

What You Need:
Popsicle sticks
Glue gun
Baker’s twine or string
Hey Kessy washi tape
Washi tapes and Baker’s twine are available at our shop

What to Do:
1 Come up with a design. Following your design, cut the popsicle sticks into different lengths.

2 Cover the sticks in washi tape.

3 Stack and glue the popsicles together to form your shape. In our example, the sticks will form a Christmas tree!

4 Decorate with Baker’s twine, just the way we added hands to the snowman and trunks for the trees.

5 At the top of your ornament, add a holder by sticking a looped string or twine.

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