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DIY Giftwrap Inspirations
Posted November 22, 2016
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These simple yet ingenious DIY suggestions from Instagram will make you enjoy wrapping Christmas presents! Follow them closely or add your own unique twists to them—it’s your call. But before you start wrapping, don’t forget to replenish your washi tape stash with our shop’s awesome selections!

1) All that glitters is gold! As proven by @washigang, a handy roll of washi tape will definitely jazz up plain-colored wrappers.

2) Use scraps of yarn to make a totally unique wrapped present! This one by @littlebirdieme makes us not want to open the gift at all.

3) Another amazing washi tape idea! You can make a festive shape out of pieces of tape just the way @torideetz did.

A photo posted by torideetz (@torideetz) on

4) @katharinaclasen shows you how to easily transform a clean sheet into a polka-dotted pattern!

5) This giftwrapping design by @locco_id is perfect for the person who loves sending you tons of emojis instead of texts in his messages.

A photo posted by locco_id (@locco_id) on

6) Use stamps with holiday greetings and visuals to jazz up your boring craft paper. Don’t forget to add ribbon trimmings and a cool tag, similar to @tiu_vgn_tash’s cool creation.

A photo posted by Tasha (@tiu_vgn_tash) on

7) Make others green with envy through your nature-inspired giftwrap design. We love this one by @thedecorativetheory!

8) Following @evalautebbesen’s idea, why not add cute caricatures (or even drawings by your kids) to make your wrappers look extra special?

A photo posted by Eva Ebbesen (@evalautebbesen) on

9) From stripes to lightning bolts, choose your favorite patterned washi tapes and use them to liven up your gift wrapper. @galandfellow finished off hers with a pretty dotted bow with curled ends!

A photo posted by Gal & Fellow (@galandfellow) on

10) Create a pretty pastel painting on your craft paper, just the way @hannahzeitler did.

11) Like @thedecorativetheory, you can get creative with dried leaves from your backyard and some ever-reliable yarn.

12) This is definitely a pet lover’s dream packaging. Thanks for the s-pet-acular creations, @jourdanfairchild!

These last three creations were whipped up by our team!
13) You can end up with a cool wrapper just by using plain paper, Baker’s twine, and a shrink art gift topper!

14) Consider the recipient when you wrap his gift. Include a branch of his favorite plant and secure it with washi tape!

15) Take some washi tape, Baker’s twine, and shrink art of the receiver’s favorite toy to hint at what’s inside the box!

Have you already started wrapping your Christmas presents? Share your works by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram and using our hashtags #HeyKessyDIYin5 and #LetsBeMakers so we can see your amazing projects.

Stay crafty!

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