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#HeyKessyDIYin5: Party Piñata Gift Tags
Posted November 17, 2016
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What do you do when you’re left with too many unused cupcake liners after a celebration? At Hey Kessy, we’re challenged to create something entirely new with them! Did you know that you can add a festive vibe to your plain gift tags by using these colorful liners? Just follow the instructions below.

What You Need:
Cupcake liners
Adhesive material
Cardstock or paper tags
Baker’s twine or ribbon

What to Do:
1 Fold your cupcake liners in half (first fold), then fold the top border thinly (second fold). Do this to three or four liners in varying hues. The more colorful the liners, the more festive the tags will look!

2 Stick each liner or plain paper tag.

3 Cut off the excess parts on both sides.

4 Punch a hole at the top and finish off with a colorful ribbon or twine.

Try this project and show us your finished project. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @heykessy and use our hashtags #HeyKessyDIYin5 and #LetsBeMakers.

Leave a comment below for craft suggestions or craft challenges for the Hey Kessy team. Stay crafty!

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