#HeyKessyBlog November Giveaway
Posted November 12, 2016
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Are you ready to win another amazing Hey Kessy exclusive? This November, we’re totally excited to give away one Silhouette Mint set!


In case you didn’t know, the Silhouette Mint lets you design, mint, ink, and stamp a unique creation. This machine works even better for detailed designs, so you’ll be able to come up with one-of-a-kind intricate patterns that will last longer than the usual rubber stamps. This custom stamp maker can even do thermal printing, allowing you to make 3D reliefs of your personalized designs! Learn more about this special crafty item by checking out this video.

Only one (1) lucky blog reader will win this stamp making kit! Follow the instructions below for a chance to snag this prize:
1. Leave a comment in this blog post. Be sure to note two things: a) your Instagram username, and b) your favorite Hey Kessy Blog article.
2. Follow @heykessy on Instagram.
3. Repost the blog photo above on your Instagram account. Make sure your account is public so we can see your post.
4. In the same Instagram post, explain why you should win the #HeyKessyBlog November Giveaway!
5. Tag @heykessy and three crafty friends, and include the hashtag #HeyKessyBlog.

Some important reminders:
1) You can join the contest as many times as you want for more chances of winning! One Instagram account/post equals one entry.
2) The #HeyKessyBlog November Giveaway will only run for a week. It starts on November 12 at 9 am and ends on November 19 at 9 am. All entries posted after that period will not be considered.
3) The winner will be informed via private message on Instagram.
4) The winner must claim his prize in the Hey Kessy shop at UP Town Center in Quezon City during store hours.

Aside from Mint, Hey Kessy also sells other Silhouette products—Curio and Cameo—at the shop! You can buy your own stamp maker here.

Good luck!

11 responses to “#HeyKessyBlog November Giveaway”

  1. Judy Tomoling says:

    I’m @jewtheewrites and my fave blog post is the DIY postcards! It unleashes the crafty and friendly side of each one of us by giving out made with love postcards for our friends. Now that holidays are fast approaching, postcards are perfect gifts for everyone because it’s cheaper and more thoughtful 💖 hoping to win!!!

  2. Kate Arnado says:

    1) @3amcrafter
    2) Start your own Craft Brand – i love this blog. I’m still starting mine so I’m so thankful for your tips! They’re so helpful 💕

  3. Richie Esteban says:

    I love your blog about anyone can make.
    IG is @chi21esteban

  4. Angela Luna says:

    I love your blog about paper cutting 😊 “Papercut Craftspirations”. I’ve always been fascinated by paper cutting but don’t have enough idea on how to start it 😊 Seeing your blog made me inspired to do some little pieces on my own 😊 So happy on all the stuff you have in your stores! I love your place in UP town it’s like a crafters haven!

    Instagram account: angelpluna

  5. Claudine Molo says:

    IG: @chiiie
    I love the blog about DIY post cards as it has been helpful for me to be resourceful the way I never thought I could.

  6. Faith says:

    *waves* Hiiiii…! @faithartandletters here. I think I like best the washi craftspirations blog post. Followed by features of local artists you have collaborated with for washi designs. ^__^

  7. Jorese Chan says:

    I love the Hey Key Chats! It’s interesting to know how local artists go about their creative process and how some of them slowly adapted to having a job and doing freelance on the side. This is something I would want to try in the future and getting insights from them are very helpful. Thanks Hey Kessy! Cheers and more power to you and the local artists!

    IG username: @jjorese

  8. Lucy says:

    My instagram acct is @la_infinita and my favorite Hey Kessy blog post so far is Weekends are for Crafting. It has some paper cutting info which I was thinking about earlier. Read the rest of the articles but it’s the only one that really got my attention. 😀

  9. Judy Tomoling says:

    Can i join again using another ig account? If yes is the answer, my 2nd account is @judyzhary and of course, my answer is still the same as the first comment 😅 really hoping to win!!

  10. Tin Baguio says:

    Hi heykessy. My IG acct is @sunkissedine. My fave blog post is the Heykessy DIY booth: Charles Keith. I am a sucker for rubber stamps and I hope to one day create personalized stamps as well! Let’s get crafty 😊

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