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Sharpie Craftspirations
Posted November 10, 2016
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We’ve compiled another batch of crafty creations from Instagram, focusing on Sharpie pens this time around! (FYI you can purchase these colorful markers at our shop.)

1) Show your love for your pet by drawing him on your coffee cup the way @feusigil did.

A photo posted by maggie (@feusigil) on

2) Who knew that fingernails can be jazzed up by our favorite markers? We love this abstract design by @charliebrettenails.

3) There’s nothing else to say about this pair of Sharpie-covered sneakers by @heidihenningcase, except that it’s absolutely eye-mazing!

4) @amnlaw proves that all it takes is a bit of creativity to turn plain white skulls into colorful creatures that appear during the Dia de los Muertos.

A photo posted by An (@amnlaw) on

5) Even musical instruments can be turned into portable Sharpie art pieces—just like this Halloween-inspired ukulele designed by!

A photo posted by James Fenton ( on

6) Follow @mishra_84’s lead and give your potted succulents some personality by drawing faces on their ceramic containers!

A photo posted by mishra_84 (@mishra_84) on

7) Add a shot of rainbow to your plain-colored kicks, similar to the way @d_mullis made hers.

A photo posted by Deidre Nicoleee (@d_mullis) on

8) This Sharpie wall art by @workshop.pdx might have taken forever to make, but the end result proves that it’s worth all the effort!

A photo posted by work/shop (@workshop.pdx) on

Have you created anything using your Sharpie pens? Share your works by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. Use our hashtags #HeyKessyDIYin5 and #LetsBeMakers so we can see your amazing projects.

Stay crafty!

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