The Magic of Murals
Posted October 25, 2016
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Have you ever gone around UP Town Center and seen these beautiful works of art on the walls and ceilings?


A mural outside UP Town Center (UP side)


Murals on the ceiling by Artwork PH and UP Students


A mural by Mansy Abesamis near Hey Kessy shop


A mural by Robert Alejandro (a Hey Kessy washi tape artist) who worked on this piece with his nephews


Murals by artists who are also entrepreneurs (they have shops in UP Town Center too!). The first one is by Panch Alvarez of Linya Linya, while the second one is by Danika Navarro of Nava.

Most of these murals are found at Urban Turf, the home of the new Hey Kessy shop! There, you’ll also find homegrown and independent brands such as Chocolate Kiss, Friuli, Renegade Folk, Nava, and Rodick’s, and Hey Kessy. UP Town Center tapped local artists like Robert Alejandro/Papemelroti, Danika Navarro/Nava, and Panch Alvarez/Linya-Linya to work on these amazing murals.


Hand-cut stencils for the Hey Kessy mural


Work/Wall in Progress

Aside from these murals, the Ayala Malls have also commissioned artists to make Heart Murals during the month of hearts! Don’t you just love them?

8-heart 9-heart

These painted creations prove that Filipinos are truly talented, and people don’t need to go to a museum to see something inspiring.

Where else have you seen creative and accessible works that inspire you to make art? Share your discoveries below!

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