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#HeyKessyDIYin5: Washi Craft Projects
Posted October 18, 2016
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Don’t know what to do with your Hey Kessy washi tapes? Try one, two, or all three of these fun artsy projects—all doable in 5 minutes!

Washi Paper Clips
What You Need:

Hey Kessy washi tape*
Paper clips

What to Do:
1. Using your scissors, cut thin strips of washi tape.
2. Wrap the strip around one side of the paper clip.
3. Cut out a triangle shape to make it look like a tiny flag.

Washi Paper Bag
What You Need:
Hey Kessy washi tape*
Brown paper bag
Sharpie pens*

What to Do:
1. Create birthday cake designs using layers of washi tape and stick it onto the paper bag.
2. Form candles using washi tape and/or Sharpie pens.

Washi Gift Wrappers
What You Need:
Hey Kessy washi tape*
Japanese paper
Bakers twine*
Button pin

What to Do:
1. Using your scissors, cut out small circles and squares from your washi tape.
2. Stick the shapes onto a piece of Japanese paper.
3. Wrap the gift using the decorated Japanese paper.
4. Secure the gift with a twine and a button pin. (Make a button pin at the Let’s Be Makers table at the Hey Kessy shop!)

Try any of these washi tape projects and show us your finished projects. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @heykessy and use our hashtags #HeyKessyDIYin5 and #LetsBeMakers. Stay crafty!

*All these products are available online or at the Hey Kessy shop!

2 responses to “#HeyKessyDIYin5: Washi Craft Projects”

  1. Frances Rain Valenzuela says:

    This is perfect! Especially for the coming Christmas Season. Totally gonna try this. 😁👍

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