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Let’s Be Makers Table
Posted October 11, 2016
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Have you ever visited Hey Kessy at UP Town Center?

When you enter the shop, you’ll instantly find a large wooden table to your right which you can use to create something new. You can use it to…

Bond with your family…
Let's Be Makers Table

Personalize newly bought items…
Let's Be Makers Table

Test sample pens…
Let's Be Makers Table

Attend craft classes (such as this shrink art workshop given by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre)…
Let's Be Makers Table

Or pack products (just the way artist Arlene Sy and her hubby Birdie did it).
Let's Be Makers Table

In case you’re wondering what items you can make at the table, here are some cool examples:

Personalized button pins
DIY Button Pins

Customized leather goods using the metal stamps
Let's Be Makers Table

Show us your creations from the Let’s be Makers table by taking snapshots at the shop and tagging us @heykessy and using #letsbemakers.

Stay crafty!

3 responses to “Let’s Be Makers Table”

  1. Justine Torres says:

    Is making personalized button pins free? Or do I have to buy my own materials first for me to make one?

    • Justine Torres says:

      and if i make my own, do i get to take it with me? that would be sweet though lol

    • Louise Ramos says:

      Hello Justine! In order to make a personalized button pin, you need to purchase the materials separately in the shop. But usage of the machine is free! Then you can take your project home 🙂

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