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#HeyKessyDIYin5: Stenciled Scarf
Posted September 24, 2016
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Don’t have time to do all your passions as much as you want to? Hit two birds with one stone by practicing a foreign language while making something new! In our case, we stenciled a scarf using some French words.

Before you work on your DIY project, let’s learn a few French words, shall we?
Je = I
Tu = You (informal/singular)
Il/Elle = He/She
Nous = We
Vous = You (formal/plural)
Ils/Elles = They

What You Need:
Hey Kessy Papercut Diary paper or cardstock
Sharpie marker
X-ACTO knife
Cutting mat
Plain scarf
Sponge or foam
Textile paints
*In case you didn’t know, most of these materials are available at our online shop or at the UP Town Center!

What to Do:
1 Draw your design using the papercut paper using a Sharpie marker. (We used French words!)

2 Using an X-ACTO knife, cut out stencil patterns over a cutting mat.

3 Cut the phrases with scissors. Make sure to leave allowances on all the sides.

4 Repeat steps 1 to 3 but now using a second design that complements the first one. (We created a floral pattern!)

5 Use a sponge to apply textile paint on the scarf.


Thanks to Tita Rimando of What If Handmade for the plain, hand-woven Inabel scarf we use for this project. Get yours by visiting their Facebook page.

Try this project and show us your finished project. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @heykessy and use our hashtags #HeyKessyDIYin5 and #LetsBeMakers. Stay crafty!

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