Hey Kessy through the Years
Posted September 13, 2016
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Hi there!
Have you been a loyal Hey Kessy customer over the past few years? Let’s take a walk down memory lane to recount some shop highlights. See which stalls or stores you’ve been to in the past!

DECEMBER 2011: We joined our very first bazaar at 10a Alabama. We sold about 25 different types of washi tapes back then!

JULY 2014: We opened the doors of our first official shop at Esteban Abada, Quezon City. We catered to all kinds of people: students from the local community, crafters from all corners of the metro, washi tape lovers and hoarders , as well as aspiring hobbyists who signed up for weekend workshops given by Mansy Abesamis and other guest teachers.
Hey Kessy Abada
Abada Hey Kessy

JUNE 2016: We moved to a better and brighter location—the second floor of the Urban Turf at the UP Town Center! Aside from the Hey Kessy line, we now offer After Nine Keeper finds and the Let’s Be Makers table which shop visitors can use on the spot. Hey Kessy UP Town 1
Hey Kessy UP Town 2

AUGUST 2016: Our temporary craft corner at dynamic POP by Retail Lab in Rockwell will meet all your crafting requirements. No need to brave the Quezon City traffic just to buy your favorite washi tape rolls!
Rockwell Craft Corner

Where do you want to see Hey Kessy next? Leave a comment below or email us at contact@heykessy.com for ideas on where we should open our next shop or stall.

Stay crafty!

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