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5 Random Facts about Papercutting
Posted September 8, 2016
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In case you didn’t know… Hey Kessy doesn’t just sell washi tapes!

The shop also provides other arts and crafts tools to make every crafting experience extraordinary. Mansy Abesamis, one of Hey Kessy’s founders, is also a staunch supporter of the art of papercutting! Read some interesting papercut trivia related to the shop below:

1) Mansy gave her first papercutting workshop back in 2013 at Cubao X, long before the Hey Kessy shop was born. After the session, participants ended up with personalized coasters featuring their papercut designs.
First Papercutting Workshop at Sweet X

2) There are four kinds of paper found in each Papercut Diary sold at the Hey Kessy shop! The first type is durable, waterproof paper that you can’t tear but you can slice through or cut (how magical is that?). The second type is similar to bond paper but in a nice shade of light cream (also great for calligraphy projects!). The third type is thick brown paper that can be used for earth or floral-themed papercut projects. Lastly, the fourth type is black paper that’s perfect for letterings or backgrounds.
Papercut Diary

3) It’s possible to make a papercut dress as long as you use the right materials (our suggestion: paper stone). Mansy has already created one for a Hey Kessy client in time for her 18th birthday celebration! That same celebrant even threw a Hey Kessy workshop party when she turned 16. (Commission Hey Kessy to craft one-of-a-kind papercut pieces or inquire about hosting private workshops by emailing
Papercut Long Skirt

4) Last August 2015, Mansy created and wore a sleeveless papercut top for an exhibit she was a part of. Entitled Cut and Paste, the month-long show held at Prism Gallery also displayed notable works by 82-year-old Dolores Ramos-Libunao who showcased her papercut made from papel de japon.
Papercut Top

5) For the Katipunan Art Festival held last October 2015, Hey Kessy curated an exhibit featuring past workshop attendees called All One Piece!
All One Piece Papercut Exhibit During Katipunan Art Fest

There was also a live demostration on papercutting and paper quilling with Lai Geluz, Maggie Adan, Mary Imbong, and Pergie Acuña.
Papercut Demo during Katipunan Art FestPapercut Exhibit During Katipunan Art Fest

Have you ever worked on a papercut project? Show your work by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtags #LetsBeMakers and #HeyKessyDIYin5.
Stay crafty!

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