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Anyone Can Make
Posted September 1, 2016
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Anyone Can Make 1Mission: Let’s start a crafting revolution and form a nation of builders and makers!

Challenge: Do arts and crafts wherever you are, whatever mood you’re in, and no matter how busy your life gets.

Just as our blog post suggests, you don’t have to be a professional artist or full-time maker to create something new! It’s all about finding the right activities (ones which don’t stress you out!) where you can use your creativity and get those hands working to create something magical.

Incorporate crafting into your everyday life by:

1 Bringing a small inspiration notebook wherever you go! Jot down random craft ideas, plans, or goals the moment they hit you.
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2 Find excuses to create something new. Jazz up your next presentation with a quick stop-motion video or make washied eggs to uplift the blah vibe of your work space.

3 Seek crafty ideas. Go out and explore the world. Travel to someplace new. If you’re stuck at home, follow artsy Instagram accounts or search random hashtags such as #LetsBeMakers, #handmade, and #itryDIY for a treasure trove of daily inspiration!
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Aside from these three daily crafting challenges, why not attend a workshop? Hey Kessy hosts various workshops all year round! Not only will you meet like-minded people with similar interests in these workshops, but you’ll also learn new skills and possibly a new passion project! (In case you’re wondering, these crafty workshops are usually designed for beginners and hobbyists, so there’s no need to feel pressured to create amazing art on your first try.)

We’d love to hear about your current DIY projects! Join our crafting revolution and show your works by using our hashtags #HeyKessy, #HeyKessyDIYin5, and #LetsBeMakers.

Stay crafty!

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