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Introducing… After Nine Keeper
Posted August 25, 2016
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Aug. 25 Hey Kessy Blog post
If you haven’t been to our new location (Level 2, Phase 2, Urban Turf at the UP Town Center, Quezon City), you might have been missing out on some special goodies found at the left area of our Hey Kessy shop!

Called After Nine Keeper, this section is a craft and art pop up for independent brands, crafters, and artists! Since the store’s opening, we’ve carefully selected a mix of printed art and knickknacks that are all perfect for buying and keeping or giving away as presents. Our impressive lineup at the moment consists of:

  • Alexandra Paredes
  • Arlene Sy
  • Arnold Arre
  • Aromateria
  • Bags by Rubber Tree
  • Brownbelly
  • Caligrafii
  • Ciudad
  • Cool Girls Club
  • Craft Easy
  • Cynthia Bauzon-Arre
  • Dandy Ona
  • Daydream Republic
  • Design Hatch
  • Details Ink
  • Electrolychee
  • Forever Ugly
  • Gantsilyo Guru
  • Gawa ni Femi
  • Hanna+Gabi
  • Heartbreak Diaries
  • Inksurge
  • Kimochi Aroma
  • Knitting Expedition
  • Mabby Makes
  • Manix Abrera
  • Marcella Suller
  • Megan Diño
  • Paul Imbong
  • Pierra Calasanz-Labrador
  • Pulseras by Kim
  • Rubber Ducky Stamp Co
  • Sunday Paper Co
  • Thursday Craftlove
  • Tweed and Twine
  • T W O T H I R T Y S I X T Y
  • Type and Treats
  • Woven
  • Zeke and the Pirates

We’ll be sharing the stories of the people behind these magical brands soon. Let us know who you want to read about first! And if you’re a crafter who’s thinking of selling your products, consider Hey Kessy! Shoot us an email at

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