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More Washi Tape Craftspirations
Posted August 16, 2016
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What can you do with your Hey Kessy washi tape rolls? Three words: SO MANY THINGS!

Check out these inspiring examples spotted on Instagram:

1) Make a washi tape piece inspired by your favorite character, such as The Little Mermaid by

2) @aenionhomedeco’s feathery creations can be used for just about anything!

#WashiTapeIdeas #ShopWithAenion

A post shared by Anything And Everything! (@aeonionhomedeco) on

3) Keep your cables secured with some washi tape. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea, @washimoshi!

4) @studio_appel shows you how to make your wall shine bright like a diamond!

Shine bright like a ……. 💎 #washitape #washitapeinspiration

A post shared by Karen Timmer (@studio_appel) on

5) Add some oomph to your glass vase with printed washi, such as this from @pinkmilkshop.

Happy crafting everyone! Use #LetsBeMakers and tag us @heykessy on your Instagram and Facebook posts. We’d love to see what you end up making!

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