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#HeyKessyDIYin5: Stenciled Stockings
Posted August 9, 2016
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Do you have five minutes to spare? We’ve got an idea! Why don’t you customize your stockings with a cool stencil design?

What you need:
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Stockings, tights, or leggings
Textile paint
Sponge or foam
In case you didn’t know, most of these materials are available at our online shop or at the UP Town Center!

DIY stenciled stockings

What to do:
1. With a marker, draw a design on the acetate.

DIY stenciled stockings

2. Cut the design using a craft knife and cutting mat. Be careful!

DIY stenciled stockings

3. Place the acetate stencil pattern over the part of the stockings that you want to paint. With a sponge, apply paint then let it dry.

DIY stenciled stockings4. Don’t forget to iron the stencil pattern on the opposite side to lock in the textile paint. Voilà!

Hey Kessy Better and Brighter Party

ANOTHER COOL IDEA… You can also create stenciled patterns on plain-colored dresses!
Stenciled dress

Stenciled dress

Now it’s your turn to make your own stenciled design! Show us your DIY creation using your Hey Kessy supplies. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook and include the hashtag #HeyKessyDIYin5.

Stay crafty!

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