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5 Random Facts about Hey Kessy Washi Tapes
Posted August 9, 2016
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Are you a fan of the #HeyKessyOriginalWashiTape? We thought it would be fun to dig up some interesting trivia about our shop’s signature item!

Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

1) Paul Imbong was the very first artist Hey Kessy collaborated with. To date, he has created five amazing designs!

Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

2) Letterer Abbey Sy whipped up an awesome print featuring inspiring lines like “live and love,” “dream and do,” and “make things happen.”

Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

3) Renowned artist Robert Alejandro designed a Filipino-inspired washi tape released last June 2015. It featured distinctly Pinoy elements such as a jeepney, sorbetes, and street food!

Robert Alejandro Washi Tape Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

4) Did you know that the first original design was that of a jeepney and cat plus the Katipunan neighborhood?

Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape

5) There are 17 available Hey Kessy washi tape boxed sets exclusively sold online. Each boxed set comes with 8 different rolls in a similar pattern or style.

Hey Kessy Washi Tape

Have you ever bought a #HeyKessyOriginalWashiTape? How did you use it? Show us your washi creation by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook.

Stay crafty!

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