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Washied Eggs for Easter
Posted March 27, 2016
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Better late than never! Still prepping up for today’s Easter Egg Hunt? Here’s a quick and easy way to decorate your eggs for Easter. It’ll be a great bonding moment for kids as well!

Things You Need

Hey Kessy Washi Tapes
Hard-boiled eggs
Pencils or Pens (optional)


  1. Ask your mom to cook and boil the eggs for you. They’ll be easier to decorate and you won’t make a mess if ever the eggs break.
  2. Cut out different shapes out of your washi tape.
  3. Stick the cut out washi tapes on to the eggs. Use your imagination and whip up as many designs as you can! Polkadots are a classic! 🙂
  4. That’s it! It’s that easy. You can display your eggs after or start hiding them for an Easter Egg Hunt!

Photo by Mansy Abesamis

With lots of washi tape from the Hey Kessy shop, we’re sure each egg you make will be one-of-a-kind! Don’t forget to tag us @heykessy and @LetsBeMakers when you post your washied Easter eggs. We’d love to see your designs!

Craft Mansy Abesamis | Text Louise Ramos, Hey Kessy Intern Batch 3.

PS We hope to see you at our #BetterAndBrighter party on the 29th! 🙂

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