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DIY Card For Your Thoughts
Posted March 15, 2016
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The month of love is way over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop showing—or in this case, giving—people some love. One of the most common gestures is to send over a card. And we’re making it a little more special with embossed designs!

Things You Need

Blank Postcard
Embossing Ink Pad
Embossing Powder
Rubber Stamp
Heat Gun

You can get most of these materials over at the Hey Kessy shop. We also have carving blocks and the X-Acto knife if you choose to make your own stamps a.k.a more love!





  1. Ink the stamp using the embossing ink pad, and stamp it on the card. Make sure that the stamp you are using is clean and free of ink before using it on the embossing ink pad. You could always dab the stamp on wet cloth to clean it.
  2. Cover the stamped area with embossing powder.
  3. Remove the excess powder.
  4. Use the heat gun over your design. Be careful when using it. You can ask an adult to assist you.
  5. Once the powder is fixed, go ahead and add more designs or write your message on the card.

Untitled design


Can’t wait for the next birthday, wedding, celebration? You don’t need an occasion to make a card. You could even send one to yourself! And if you do, tag us in your posts (@heykessy, #LetsBeMakers).

Happy crafting!


Crafter Mansy Abesamis | Writer Louise Ramos, Hey Kessy Intern Batch 3, | Photographer Kitkat Lastimosa, Hey Kessy Workshop Manager

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