Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!
Posted February 2, 2016
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Hey, crafters!

It’s a brand new year! Amazing how we can all enjoy a clean slate at the start of each year. New Years are, after all, for the hopeful.

2015 was a really great year for us at Hey Kessy! We met new friends and fellow crafters, traveled and shared our creative ideas to people outside Manila, while learning from them as well. We even got to organize art events! For 2016, we want to expand our horizons by sharing more – not just our usual DIY projects, but also other experiences as we go along doing arts and crafts.

Here are our favorite happenings for Hey Kessy in 2015! Raise your hand if you were there!:)

1. Katipunan Art Festival

It’s always a good idea to work with creative people from different backgrounds. We definitely learned a lot from everyone who was there with us to celebrate Katipunan last October! From crafters to designers, makers to street artists, potters to furniture designers, as well as musicians and wordsmiths.  It was day of craft workshops, art demos, exhibits, and music, all while spending time with friends and family to appreciate art!

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2. Robert Alejandro x Hey Kessy Washi Tape Launch

All we can say is that we love kuya Robert’s washi tape design! Every Filipino would definitely appreciate how he infused local culture to his design – there was a jeepney, taho, palamig sellers, even the usual cat who hang out by the street. This year, we’ll come up with more collaborations like this, so stay tuned!

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3. Craft Exchange
One of the goals we had when 2015 began was to bring in a new kind of inspiration and something that had not been done before! Luckily, we were able to do it!

A few years back, we had a papercutting workshop in the Letter J Supply Studio in Singapore. Last year, the owner, Joanne, who happens to be one of Singapore’s top calligraphers, flew in and taught a brush calligraphy workshop in the studio!

It was definitely amazing to be with artists and creative from other places. We got to learn ways of thinking and came up with fresh ideas!

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4. Bacolod and Iloilo Workshops

Bacolod is such a lovely art paradise. We were left in awe of how Art was everywhere! And of course, how can we forget how kind and warm the people were! Not to mention that their food was one of the best we’ve ever tasted! Watch out for our Bacolod Workshop blog post soon.

We also had a mini Papercutting Workshop in a lovely craft shack in IloIlo. The lovely macramé artist Anna Jimenez and our dear friend Marga Koopmans made this dream of starting something new outside the big city and meet crafters from other parts of the country, come true!

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Leaving 2015 with a happy heart and a sweet smile! We’ll be updating our blog more often now, so hope you guys tune in as we share new experiences, events, and craft projects!

PS Since it’s the start of the year, here’s a link on how you can organize your craft tools!

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