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Posted May 7, 2013
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Although nervous (camera shy ako eh :p), I was happy I was able to share to the viewers of Homepage, Net25, what we, crafters and makers, do. It’s always a pleasure when people invite you to talk about the Handmade Movement in the country.

I showed them how to make simple projects with Hey Kessy washi tapes. Here, we were making washi coasters and upcycling empty soda bottles. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Net25. I hope that through this, more and more people would be encouraged to create every day.  🙂

4 responses to “Hey Kessy on Homepage, Net25”

  1. Cielo says:

    Wow. Congrats! You deserve it :))

    The Girl Behind The Pen

  2. Hey Kessy says:

    Thank you, Cielo 🙂

  3. Lady Spring says:

    yeee congrats! 🙂

  4. tasha says:

    congrats 🙂

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