Washi + Papercutting Workshop, February
Posted March 21, 2013
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One of the things I am currently inlove with is papercutting! I always bring my craft knife with me and lucky me, everywhere I go, there’s paper! So in one day, I can come up with 10-15 papercut pieces! “Addicted” would be an understatement. Haha :p

That’s why our workshop last Saturday on Washi + Papercutting was extra special because I was able to finally share this messy, crafty obsession to other makers πŸ™‚

After the introduction, we went down to serious business:

Thanks to Isa Silva of Artesanias Divertidas for providing with papercutting-perfect paper! πŸ™‚

Everyone was really into it! Even when it was time to go, nobody was standing up and still working on their pieces. Talk about addiction dedication ;p 
Here’s a small papercut garden I made using one of our floral washi tapes. I didn’t even need to paint it. 

With Alessa and Mikko 

Okay…here, I don’t what was happening but nothing beats goofing around with crafty friends after an afternoon of serious crafty business! :p


Thank you so much ladies for joining me last weekend to make papercuts! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

PS The next Washi+ Papercutting Workshop is on April 21. For details and registration, go here πŸ™‚
PPS There’ll be a Washi Jewelry on April 28. More details soon! 

2 responses to “Washi + Papercutting Workshop, February”

  1. bimbolera says:

    what kind of paper is best for paper cutting crafts? thanks!

  2. Hey Kessy says:

    I use bond paper πŸ™‚

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