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What Would Boys Do: Daniel’s Washi Jewelry and Christmas Presents
Posted January 17, 2013
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It was raining on the day of our last workshop in 2012 but the event was anything but gloomy. The workshop was rather exciting and inspiring because of this particular endearing participant:
Everyone, meet Daniel! He’s just 12 years old but takes crafting seriously! When I saw him enter Briggy Hall with Jean, I thought he was just there to drop her off. Instead of staying home and play video games, he braved the rain and joined us for an afternoon of washi crafting! It was our first time to have a boy join one of our workshops.

All throughout the workshop, he was really focused and determined to finish what he started. He actually made a lot of washi projects:

He made a washi origami washi star to decorate one of the gifts of his tita Jean:
The washi jewelry he made for his teachers for Christmas:

Look how cute these gifts are! I found it really sweet seeing his cute handwriting on the gifts tags:

Opps! No cheating, Daniel! Joke lang! Haha 😉
Daniel and his tita Jean. You can read her post about the workshop here 🙂 (And Ginnie’s, another participant, entry here)
Thank you, Daniel, for joining our workshop! Continue to inspire other people through your projects. We hope to meet more inspired young crafters like you 🙂
PS We are already organizing the next Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party and Hey Kessy Washi Workshop. What other washi projects would you like to learn doing?
PPS Read our 1st What Would Boys Do entry here.

8 responses to “What Would Boys Do: Daniel’s Washi Jewelry and Christmas Presents”

  1. Ea Senga says:

    wow i hope my son will also try crafting. he's obssessing about my calligraphy pen since i bought it. i hope this is a start. 🙂

  2. Behrouz Girl says:

    Wow, thanks for the feature Mansy 🙂 We are lined up for another workshop with Shop MNL.

  3. Will there be another workshop like that?

  4. Hey Kessy says:

    Thank you too for joining! It was nice meeting you guys! 🙂

  5. Hey Kessy says:

    Haha! Go have craft tambays with him :p

  6. Hey Kessy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hey Kessy says:

    Yes! The next Wear Washi Workshop will be on February 16. Will post the details today or tomorrow 🙂

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