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Christmas Washi Coasters
Posted November 19, 2012
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One reason why you should join the Messy Washi party on November 24 is this:

Yes! These are DIY Christmas washi coasters! I made a set to give out to friends for the coming holidays. They’re not only cute but super useful too. They’d sure make everything extra special and cozy 😉
At the Messy Washi party, there’ll be a craft station where you can make your own coasters and dress them in washi tapes! We will also be selling washi tapes and baker’s twines. With 50 new regular and 6 Christmas washi tapes, you can surely come up with unique coaster designs.


Join the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party on November 24! Prepare for the coming gift-giving season with fellow crafters and have a cozy crafty Christmas with your very own happy coasters 🙂

Instead of 15, we’ve decided to accomodate 20 washi lovers!  REGISTER  NOW 🙂  Only 2 slots left.

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  1. Meow Opre says:

    Christmas in the Philippines is no doubt not only the longest but even the warmest! Advance Merry Christmas and God bless! 🙂

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