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Of Foxes, Basketball Games, and Origami Letters
Posted October 14, 2012
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So how do you make a single blog post about foxes, basketball, Ateneo, Taco Bell, origami, and Hey Kessy?
I don’t mind standing up at the highest GA row as long as I could watch the game live! So, when Pol and Ditch told me that we should line up already to enter the coliseum to get good seats, I asked them to go ahead and just reserve a seat for me. I’d rather stay at Taco Bell and make some crafts!;p
But no! That didn’t happen. Though, I was able to make these washi origami letters before we braved the lineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
If you can’t find Origami paper, you can always upcycle a piece of scratch paper with washi tapes! It’s cuter and more affordable! I have an Origami application on my iPod so whenever I get bored, wherever I am, I can make crafts!;p

Meet Mr. Duck (made by Pol) and Mr. Fox

+ Geli made origami stars using Hey Kessy washi tapes.

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