October Mail Swap
Posted October 9, 2012
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Hello! 🙂
If you want to receive a snailmail,  join our October Mail Swap!

To sign-up, please email me the ff:

1. Name
2. Blog links (if there are any)
3. Shipping address

I think it would be more fun if we send our mails thru our good ol’ post offices. I’ve read some articles about post offices (international and local) who are forced to lay off employees or close down altogether because of lack of funds 🙁 So, I thought why not help them in our own ways by using their services, right? 🙂

PS Sign ups until October 14, Sunday.

3 responses to “October Mail Swap”

  1. Victoria says:

    Awww, it is too late to join the swap? :'(

  2. shemi says:

    Will there be another? =)

  3. xx_xx says:

    I just wanted to ask you kung saang post office ka nagse-send ng mail? 🙂 I want to try snail mails, too. 😀 Also, will there be another round of mail swap?

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