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Walk and Train
Posted July 30, 2012
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I’m back from a long weekend in Singapore. It was pretty amazing going around independent coffee, tea, arts and crafts, and book shops in the city! Thanks to their efficient metro system, I was able to visit almost all the places I wanted to and the ones recommended by Jam.

When I was there last April, I just got to hang out at The Little Drom Store since I only had less than 24 hours and it was near my hostel. It wasn’t so bad actually because I had the most delicious cake ever at their cake shop.

Originally posted on Mansilliana Sunday.

2 responses to “Walk and Train”

  1. Roma is Love says:

    You were late for your plane!!!??? Oh craft indeed..( haha funny girl!) Glad you were still able to go though! 🙂 More kwento please 🙂

  2. Hey Kessy says:

    Roma 🙂

    Yeah, I missed! HAHA. Money down the drain 🙁
    I really liked the shops I was able to visit ;p

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