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Garland for Dad
Posted June 22, 2012
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As I’ve been extremely busy thinking – thinking being the operative word – about the things I need to do, I didn’t think I’d be able to create something for Daddy last Sunday.
Good thing I had extra paper straws. With washi tapes, baker’s twines, and scratch paper, I was able to whip up this garland for him, and Gomer, my 12-year-old brother even joined in the fun and created a greeting card using the same materials.
1) I traced the letters on used bond paper, decorated it with blue washi tapes to create some patters. 2) Made some tassles using gray and blue tapes. 3) Hung the stalks of leaves/grains I got from UP. 

Daddy was really happy when he saw this garland. I was, of course, happy too with the outcome that I even asked him if I could keep it in my room. He said yes ;p


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